Non-Organic Alien Human Hybrid

4 Oct

Recently, new agent, O’Hara was tasked with boarding a Gray Betagon and retrieving a live Gray for interrogations. The goal behind the mission was to better understand how grays have been passing their hybrids off as Humans. To date, our systems have been unable to detect these new hybrids and we fear they may have infiltrated Earth government in a non-hostile take over.

Agent O’Hara utilized a Lithium-Ion super capacitor in order to attract an alien vessel, as the Grays are known scavengers. The bait worked and a Betagon swooped in. After disabling the Betagon’s power supply, O’Hara stole aboard the vessel. His reports indicated several dead Grays but most of them did not appear to have suffered trauma from any kind of explosion.

The Gray corpses were killed by blunt force trauma. Carefully and methodically, O’Hara searched through the alien vessel and came into to contact with appeared to be a Human-like robot. They fought for a few minutes.

O’Hara was careful enough to avoid the brunt of the machine’s telekinetic abilities and eventually subdued it. This robot has been returned to Bureau HQ for studies. We are now undergoing several tests to discern just what our newest agent has recovered.

We are always watching.


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